By Ellen Paddock, USA Wrestling | July 09, 2022, 1:48 p.m. (ET)

Photo by Tony Rotundo. 

MADRID, Spain – The U.S. women’s freestyle team dominated today at the Grand Prix of Spain, collecting nine total medals. The medal haul includes two golds, two silvers and five bronze medals.

Capturing gold for Team USA was Yelena Makoyed (76 kg) and Erin Golston (50 kg). Makoyed powered through the tournament with a win by decision over Maria Oryashkova of Bulgaria who was fifth at the 2022 European Championships and collected four wins by fall. Makoyed recently won a gold medal at the Matteo Pellicone ranking event in Rome, Italy and is a two-time NCWWC national champion for North Central College.

Golston defeated Miglena Selishka of Bulgaria who took silver at the 2021 European Championships. The two-time junior World bronze medalist had two wins by fall on her way to gold.

Alisha Howk
(55 kg) and Ana Luciano (68 kg) won silver medals. Howk’s only losses were to 2018 World bronze medalist Diana Weicker of Canada who she fell to twice by decision. She defeated teammates Lauren Mason and Adriana Dorado-Marin by fall for her silver medal finish. Luciano collected two wins by decision and a technical fall.

Leaving with bronze medals are Emily Shilson (50 kg), Felicity Taylor (53 kg),Adriana Dorado-Marin (55 kg), Lexie Basham (59 kg) and Reese Larramendy (65 kg). Doradi-Marin defeated Dominika Kulwicka of Poland who took bronze at the 2021 European Championships in the bronze medal match. Larramendy had an impressive win over 2021 Pan American bronze medalist from Canada, Amanda Savard.

Madrid, Spain | July 8-10

Women’s freestyle results

Gold – Erin Golston (USA)
Silver – Emma Luttenauer (France
Bronze – Anna Lukasiak (Poland)
Bronze – Emily Shilson (USA)

Gold – Jonna Malmgren (Sweden)
Silver – Karla Godinez (Canada)
Bronze – Katarzyna Krawczyk (Poland)
Bronze – Felicity Taylor (USA)

Gold – Diana Weicker (Canada)
Silver – Alisha Howk (USA)
Bronze – Adriana Dorado-Marin (USA)

Gold – Angelina Lysak (Poland)
Silver – Magdalena Glodek (Poland)
Bronze – Evelina Nikolova (Bulgaria)
Bronze – Patrycja Gil (Poland)

Gold – Laurence Beauregard (Canada)
Silver – Jowita Wrzesien (Poland)
Bronze – Lexie Basham (USA)

Gold – Taybe Yusein (Bulgaria)
Silver – Ana Gonzalez (Canada)
Bronze – Johanna Lindborg (Sweden)
Bronze – Lydia Perez (Spain)

Gold – Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria)
Silver – Aleah Nickel (Canada)
Bronze – Reese Larramendy (USA)

Gold – Pauline Lecarpentier (France)
Silver – Ana Luciano (USA)
Bronze – Natalia Strzalka (Poland)
Bronze – Linda Morais (Canada)

Gold – Dacher Kendra (France)
Silver – Patrycja Sperka (Poland)
Bronze – Zsuzsanna Molnar (Slovakia)

76 kg
Gold – Yelena Makoyed (USA)
Silver – Justina Di-Stasio (Canada)
Bronze – Taylor Follensbee (Canada)

U.S. women’s freestyle performances

50kg: Nyla Valencia (Bulldog Wrestling Club) – FIFTH
LOSS Erin Golston (USA), fall
WIN Miglena Selishka (Bulgaria), decision
LOSS Anna Lukasiak (Poland), decision

50kg: Erin Golston (NYAC) – GOLD
WIN Miglena Selishka (Bulgaria), decision
WIN Nyla Valencia (USA), fall
WIN Anna Lukasiak (Poland), decision
WIN Emma Luttenauer (France), fall

50kg: Emily Shilson (TMWC) – BRONZE
WIN Augusta Eve (Canada), tech. fall
WIN Amanda Tomczk (Poland), decision
LOSS Emma Luttenauer (France), decision
WIN Alexia Seal (Canada), decision

53kg: Felicity Taylor (TMWC) – BRONZE
WIN Josephine Haemmerle (France), fall
WIN Grace Lew (Canada) – tech. fall
LOSS Karla Godinez (Canada), decision
WIN Katie Gomez (USA), decision

53kg: Katie Gomez (Sunkist Kids) – FIFTH
LOSS Karla Godinez (Canada), tech. fall
LOSS Felicity Taylor (USA), decision

53kg: Tiare Ikei (TMWC) – EIGHTH
WIN Samantha Stewart (Canada), tech. fall
LOSS Katarzyna Krawczyk (Poland), tech. fall

55kg: Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids) – SILVER
LOSS Diana Weicker (Canada), decision
WIN Lauren Mason (USA), decision
WIN Adriana Dorado-Marin (USA), fall
LOSS Diana Weicker (Canada), decision

55kg: Adriana Dorado-Marin (Army WCAP) – BRONZE
WIN Marina Rueda (Spain), decision
WIN Dominika Kulwicka (Poland), decision
LOSS Alisha Howk (USA), fall
WIN Dominika Kulwicka (Poland), fall

55kg: Lauren Mason (TMWC) – SIXTH
LOSS Diana Weiker (Canada), decision
LOSS Alisha Howk (USA), decision

57kg: Nichole Moore (Maize Wrestling Club) – TWELFTH
LOSS Elevina Nikolova (Bulgaria), tech. fall

57kg: Sophia Macaluso (New York) – ELEVENTH
LOSS Elevina Nikolova (Bulgaria), fall

57kg: Amanda Martinez (TMWC) – EIGHTH
LOSS Magdalena Glodek (Poland), decision
LOSS Maria Baez (Spain), decision

59kg: Lexie Basham (Spartan Mat Club) – BRONZE
WIN Savannah Cosme (USA), decision
LOSS Laurence Beauregard (Canada), tech. fall
WIN Miren Huarte (Spain), tech. fall
LOSS Jowita Wrzesien (Poland), tech. fall

59kg: Savannah Cosme (Sunkist Kids) – FOURTH
LOSS Laurence Beauregard (Canada), tech. fall
LOSS Lexie Basham (USA), decision
WIN Miren Huarte (Spain), tech. fall
LOSS Jowita Wrzesien (Poland), tech. fall

62kg: Alexandra Liles (Army WCAP) – FIFTH
LOSS Ana Godinez (Canada), decision
LOSS Lydia Perez (Canada), fall

65kg: Reese Larramendy (Nevada) – BRONZE
WIN Marina Velazquez (Spain), fall
WIN Amanda Savard (Canada), tech. fall
LOSS Aleah Nickel (Canada), fall
WIN Amanda Savard (Canada), decision

65kg: Chloe Ogden (Tar Heel Wrestling Club) – SIXTH
LOSS Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria), tech. fall
WIN Nerea Pampin (Spain), decision
LOSS Aleah Nickel (Canada), fall

68kg: Sienna Ramirez (Southern Oregon RTC) – FIFTH
LOSS Pauline Lecarpentier (France), decision
LOSS Linda Morais (Canada), tech. fall

68kg: Ana Luciano (Team Tornado Wrestling Club) – SILVER
WIN Sarah Clossik (Great Britain), tech. fall
WIN Natalia Strzalka (Poland), decision
LOSS Pauline Lecarpentier (France), decision

68kg: Destiny Rodriguez (All-Phase Wrestling Club) – TENTH
LOSS Linda Morais (Canada), fall

76kg: Yelena Makoyed (TMWC) – GOLD
WIN Maria Oryashkova (Bulgaria), decision
WIN Carla Lera (Spain), fall
WIN Taylor Follensbee (Canada), fall
WIN Tristan Kelly (USA), fall
WIN Justina Di-Stasio (Canada), fall

76kg: Tristan Kelly (Army WCAP) – FOURTH
LOSS Justina Di-Stasio (Canada), decision
WIN Georgina Nelthorpe (Great Britain), decision
LOSS Yelena Makoyed (USA), fall
LOSS Taylor Follensbee (Canada), fall

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