ALEXANDRIA, Egypt — The United States closed out the women’s freestyle portion of the Ibrahim Moustafa Ranking Event.

2019 World champion Jacarra Winchester (TMWC) secured gold at 55 kg, while Emma Bruntil (TMWC) earned silver at 65 kg.

Winchester, a 2020 Olympian, rolled to the finals with a technical fall and decision on Saturday morning. She controlled Turkey’s Bediha Gun, 9-0, in the finals.

Winchester forced the pressure early as she earned a point from Gun’s passivity. Winchester shot toward Gun several times in the first but couldn’t convert. She led 1-0 at the break before she scored two takedowns and a four-point move to blow open the bout in the second period.

At 65 kg, Bruntil (TMWC) won silver after she went 3-1 in her four-athlete round robin. Bruntil earned two pins in the first session before she teched Tunisia’s Khadija Jlassi, 12-1 in her final match on Saturday night.

On the men’s freestyle side, two-time World bronze medalist Nick Gwiazdowski (TMWC/SCRTC) lost his 125 kg bronze bout, 11-0 to Kazakhstan’s Yusup Batirmurzaev to finish fifth.

At Alexandria, Egypt, Feb. 24


55 kg: Jacarra Winchester (TMWC), GOLD MEDAL
WIN Tatiana Debien (France), 10-0, 3:32
WIN Mengyu Xie (China), 4-0
WIN Bediha Gun (Turkey), 9-0
55 kg: Alex Hedrick (TMWC), DNP/6th
LOSS Marina Sedneva (Kazakhstan), 6-2

65 kg: Emma Bruntil (TMWC), SILVER MEDAL
LOSS Tetiana Sova Rizhko (Ukraine), 6-2
WIN Bhateri Bhateri (India), fall, 2:13
WIN Ayatalla Magdy Mohamed Sadek Ahmed (Egypt), 0:33
WIN Khadija Jlassi (Tunisia), 12-1, 3:16


125 kg: Nick Gwiazdowski (TMWC/SCRTC), 5th place
WIN Daniel Ligeti (Hungary), 8-2
WIN Robert Baran (Poland), 8-4
LOSS Yusup Batirmurzaev (Kazakhstan), 11-0, 1:59

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Complete TMWC Women’s Team Results:

55 kg: Winchester: Champion
55 kg: Hedrick: DNP
57 kg Martinez: DNP
62 kg: Rogers: DNP
65 kg: Bruntil: Silver
68 kg: Glaudé: 5th place
76 kg: Grote: DNP